Dental Bridges & You: Is It Time For One?

Dental bridges Washington MI dentists

Dental Bridges & You: Is It Time For One?

Dental bridges Washington MI dentists

There are a few different directions you could go if you’ve lost a tooth or had one removed. Depending on your preferences, one may suit you better than another. A popular choice that our Washington, MI, dentists recommend for patients interested in pursuing tooth replacement is a dental bridge.

Here are a few examples of when dental bridges are necessary plus why they’re a great option if you have one or more missing teeth.

The Importance of Tooth Replacement 

A missing tooth is just a gap in your smile, right? Not quite. There are more motivations behind replacing teeth than just aesthetics. For instance, if you have recently had a tooth knocked out due to an accident, you may have more trouble speaking properly or chewing your food.

Our dentists want you to have a happy, healthy smile. If that means introducing restorative options like a dental bridge, dental implants, or full and partial dentures, then we’ll work with you to give you what you need most.

Signs You Need a Dental Bridge

How are you supposed to know when you should mull over the idea of getting a dental bridge? Well, there are a few qualifications that make someone eligible for such a restoration.

One of those centers around your self-confidence. How do you feel about your smile now? If you’re not satisfied with what you see in the mirror or in pictures, it may be time for a change. The dental bridge procedure will create a seamless smile thanks to natural-looking dental crowns as well as boost your self image.

Our dentists may also recommend a bridge when you have:

  • Noticeable bite issues (how your top and bottom teeth come together)
  • Difficulty chewing foods
  • Pain due to the increased stress on your teeth and jaw
  • One or more permanent teeth missing

If you identify with any of the above, give our Washington, MI, dental office a call and we can discuss next steps. We’ll need to first take a closer look at your mouth and assess your current oral health to make sure nothing else needs to be addressed before the dental bridge is created.

How a Dental Bridge Can Benefit You 

Along with other restorative dental procedures, dental bridges pose many benefits to the patient. Of course, the main benefit is a filled in gap, but there are others you should keep in mind if a bridge is in your cards.

Choosing a dental bridge translates into:

  • Restored chewing and speaking ability
  • More confidence when smiling
  • A reduced risk of other teeth moving out of place (into the gap left open)
  • Maintained face structure

Our dentists understand that you may be coming to us in a vulnerable state. Not having all of your teeth can feel embarrassing for some which is why we have created a judgment-free environment in each of our locations. We will always support your decision to enhance your smile and improve your long-term oral health.

We Can Help You Decide

If you’re on the fence about tooth replacement, our dentists in Washington, MI, can work with you to determine the best option. Dental bridges both restore functionality to your smile as well as enhance its appearance. Call Romeo Family Dentistry today at (586) 752-3589 to request an appointment.

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