Make Brushing Fun for Your Kid With These 4 Tips

Pediatric dental patient brushing teeth at Washington MI family dentists

Make Brushing Fun for Your Kid With These 4 Tips

Pediatric dental patient brushing teeth at Washington MI family dentists

Children don’t always want to do what’s best for them. Whether it’s eating their vegetables or going to bed on time, it’s never without some pushback. Brushing their teeth is no different, but our Washington, MI, family dentists have a few ways you can spruce up their daily oral hygiene routine.

Here are 4 fun tips designed to not only help kids brush their teeth twice a day, but practice the habit for the right amount of time.

1. Try Turning On Some Catchy Tunes

Turning a song on for two minutes is a great way to have fun while teaching your child the importance of brushing teeth and preventing cavities. You can even join in and dance along with your child as they learn proper brushing techniques!

Pick one of their favorite songs that lasts two minutes or a song specifically about tooth brushing that they can enjoy.

2. Use a Timer to Keep Track

Kids love to see how fast they can be with tasks and if they break a personal record, the victory is even sweeter. A colorful sand timer works great and allows children to visually see the time they still have left to brush. Don’t have one? The timer on your phone is a suitable alternative.

A toothbrush with a built-in timer set to go off after two minutes is also an option to help keep your child engaged for the recommended amount of time.

3. Motivate With Small Rewards

Responsibly promising a reward or treat for proper teeth brushing can sometimes give children the push they need to get the job done.

Prizes do not have to cost much and can simply be an extra hour of story time or their favorite dinner once a week. You could also let them choose their favorite flavor of fluoride toothpaste next time you’re at the store.

One idea is to create an oral hygiene chart. Let your child track their progress by placing a sticker each time they finish brushing their teeth. Once they’ve placed a certain number of stickers, then they can receive their reward.

Visual aids help children feel both involved in the process and focused on the task of fighting tooth decay.

4. Add Stories to the Routine

Children have extremely active imaginations so why not mix a little creative storytelling into their oral health routine? Relatable, fun stories can get young children excited and energized into having fun while they brush their teeth.

For example, tell them that there are “sugar creatures” that want to attack their teeth and if they brush well at least twice a day and for the full two minutes each time, they will defeat the pesky creatures.

If making a story off of the top of your head isn’t your strong suit, try reading an age-appropriate book about why oral health is important to them as they brush.

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